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Learn how to edit like a pro! Get more the WoW effect out of your photos.

When you make a photo you want it to look the best possible! In this workshop you will learn how to use photoshop to post proces your images and give them the WoW effect.

I will give you and exclusief view into my workflow and I will help you to improve your own personal workflow.

Photoshop is an extensive program with a million options to edit. This can me difficult to understand! In this workshop you will learn which adjustments you need and which tools you will have to use to enhance your photo. 

My teaching philosophy is "learning by doing". This means: during the workshop I will explain how to edit by showing how to do so and you can join right away! Questions will be answered at the same time so you will understand the beauty of Photoshop fast.

When you already know all the basics and are advanced, you can book the workshop 1 on 1 and the level will be advanced.

What do you need:

All you need is one of the Photoshop CC versions

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