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This WS is dedicated to photographers who want to improve and learn about post processing their photos by using photoshop. 

I will show you my complete workflow! Stay at home but do a great workshop!

During this WS we will edit a photo I made or edit directly on your own photo. All my adjustments en tools will be shown! I will also show you my before and after photos. 

This WS is 2,5 hours. We will use shared screens so you can see exactly what I do and I can look at your editing as well. When necessary I will take remote of your Photoshop.

The content will depend on your personal skills. You can make a choice: Beginner or advanced. 

  • Englisch or Dutch spoken

  • Photoshop CC

when:    Date we will set together

extra:     Option: Tutorial hand-out 

time:      2,5 uur

need:    PS cc, laptop met camera






Do you have specific questions, do you want feedback on your photos or do you want to know how I made a photo? Wait no longer and ask all about my dog photography in natural light setting in a Q&A with Nuelle!

During this Q&A session I will answer your questions about dog photography in natural light. 

The coaching will be 1 or 1,5 hour. It's up to you! 

We will use shared screens and when necessary I will take remote of your mouse/pen.

You can ask specific question about your photo and you will get 1 on 1 coaching!

  • Englisch or Dutch spoken

  • Questions about photography in natural light

when:    date we will set together

time:    1 or 1,5 uur

need:    laptop with camera

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